Incident Description:

Customers are experiencing intermittent slowness, poor connectivity, unresolved name servers, and FTP denial. This is caused by a DDoS attack. (Denial of Service) Our system administration department is blocking the offending IP addresses now. This attack is very large. After several attempts to isolate the source we had to temporarily block a large IP range from China, which is the source of the attack. This is a temporary block.

•12:02pm Update: Ok, we have a fix in (phew!)。 We are hopeful and monitoring at this point. Its not the type of situation like a hardware or software problem that we can say ‘fixed’ and its done, we have to watch a while and make sure there are no other cracks or holes that the attackers can get through. Please try your sites by IP and DNS and our support folks are standing by if you still need help. (our network engineers have collapsed and may be face down on their desks, though)。 Lisa Grice – Director of Customer Service

•11:06am Update: Just a clarification point, this is mostly affecting cps: 8,9,&10 (which for those of you that are curious is why ixwebhosting.com is still up–we are in the same datacenter, but not the same CPs)。 Also, we are making some progress, so some sites are coming back. Please also check your site by IP, if IP works, then DNS caching will just have to clear for you to see your sites.

Which Customers are Impacted?

Customers with accounts located on Control panels 8, 9, and 10.

How are Customers Impacted?

Domain name not resolving, Site Slowness, Poor FTP connectivity. .How often will we be updated?

Hourly Time to Resolution (ETA)



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